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Power Shift Reflection April 26, 2011

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I have been siting here trying to think of the right words to use. Yesterday I wrote a draft, but it barely began to encompass my experience. I have so many notes, and ideas scrawled in the margins of my Power Shift hand outs. But trying to put it all together has been kinda daunting.

Instead I thought I would share some pictures from Power Shift, and a little video with you all. If you have cool pictures, video, or recordings you would like me to include please email them to:

Otherwise enjoy a little glimpse into my Power Shift adventure:

I thought seeing windmills in PA on the way to Power Shift was a good sign. However, I couldn't ignore the many many billboards I saw depicting coal, as good, clean, reliable, and patriotic! We still have a lot of work to do.

Quick snap in the metro station before catching a train to the Conference Center. I love public transportation!

Ran into some IMF protesters our first night in DC. It made me pretty psyched about our own up coming actions!

Turns out I wasn't the only one who was pumped! On Sunday there was a little mini rally in the conference center. Not only did it allow everyone to get out a little excitement, I think they actually went on to shut down a BP gas station!

Here is some lovely footage from that mini rally:

This is a bit embarrassing because you can hear my woot-woots!

Took this little picture while Adam and I took some time after lunch to reflect on our experience

Students learning to tell their story of self

Students giving feedback to one another

I love that people were able to find their own spaces in the CC during workshops and training.

I'm gonna be honest there is no great reason for this picture to here, I just like it.

Student Art; sweet deck

more cool decks

stick bike, i like!

more student art, which interesting matches the conference center, see next picture

Students got the opportunity to speak to media directly! I also personally enjoyed this kid's dreads

Josh Fox loves our state break out more than yours! 😛

drive home



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