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5 Reasons to Stay Active this Summer July 1, 2011

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1) Harness Energy Post-Power Shift and Keep Momentum Going

This year we had over 400 Pennsylvanians from across the state travel to Power Shift. Sending a clear and powerful statement to the country: Frack is Wack! During our state break out with help of Josh Fox, we sent the message directly to President Barack Obama. And we weren’t done yet. Students broke into groups by region and organized actions across the state directed at a new DEP policy which gave the gas industry a free pass on violations. And less than a month later, the day after a direct action in Philadelphia, the policy was rescinded! Victory!

This story is definitely an inspiring one but we can’t let it end with, “and then everyone went home for the summer.” Because the story is not finished yet. There are still more battles to be waged.

We came together during power shift, and acted effectively right after. Lets not let all of that dwindle out!

2) Natural Gas Industry wont be Taking a Break

Summer break doesn’t mean anything to Natural Gas companies, or the people living in affected communities. Their water is still at risk, as is their health and well-being. In addition the people in those communities often don’t have the luxury of time. So if you’re a student on break, summer is a great time reach out to community leaders, and organize, actions, rallies, protests etc. Chances are, on thing you have a lot of this summer is time. So donate some of it too a good cause. Help raise awareness about the dangers of natural gas, and fracking, in your community!

3) Prepare for Future Direct Actions

One great way to do this is by getting involved with Key Coalitions Fall Kick-off meeting.

Please fill out the doodle for a call next week: (Fill it out by SUNDAY).

Also, we’re recruiting folks to this team/group! So if you know anyone who is interested in planning a state-wide youth environmental gathering please tell them about the call or let me/Sasha know.

4) Important Bonding Time

For most students summer is the time of year they actually get spend in their community. Get involved! Find out whats going on, what are the major issues getting people riled up? Are there any community leaders you know? Use the summer to strengthen these important connections. Later on in the year when we plan direct actions, have grassroots connections will be extremely important. You could also approach folks from the business community (who are likely to be friendly to Key Co. issues), as well as other prominent community members.

If you want to bond with other student activists, then check out reason number 3 and get involved!

5) It’s Fun!

Summer really is the best time for organizing. The nice weather brings people out. Many times people par take in fun outdoor activities. It’s a great time to remind people why you love the environment, and why its so important to protect it!

Wanna have some fun and raise awareness around fracking in your community this summer? Why not start a Fracking Lemonade Stand with some friends? Get clear plastic cups, and fill them up with differing amounts of water. Then get as many food dye colors as you can (incase anyone actually drinks one). Drop different colors into each cup. Then with a marker write the name of as many different fracking fluid chemicals as you can on outside of the cups. (Here is a small list to get you started:

This is just one creative suggestion for raising awareness in your neck of PA. If you have a better idea please post below. Are there other reasons to organize in the summer? What’s yours?


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